Annual General Meeting

The BCPA AGM is open to all BCPA Members and held in the month of January. We encourage all to attend. By attending, you can make a difference and have input as to the direction of the BCPA. The AGM cannot proceed if we do not meet a quorum of  5% of our current membership as per the BCPA Constitution.

If you wish to make any proposals (i.e. changes to the BCPA constitution, matters to be brought forward to the CPU) they must be submitted to the BCPA Executive by January 1st to be included on the Agenda for consideration at the BCPA AGM.

The Agenda items will be sent to all members and will be posted on our website a minimum of 14 days prior to the AGM.

Previous AGM minutes:

2015  Minutes

2016 Minutes

2017 Minutes

2018 Minutes