Victoria Barbell II Postponed

Due to provincial health orders restricting travel to and from the mainland we’ve decided to postpone Victoria Barbell II a few weeks. Although the competition would be held inside Island Health jurisdiction and are not restricted by the PHO to hold competitions, half of the roster is from greater Vancouver along with referees and scorekeepers.

We’re currently working on establishing a new competition date that works for available referees and scorekeepers as they are very limited on the island.

Hopefully some time around 4 weeks, as this will be easier for lifters to accommodate with training, work schedules and other arrangements, and will still fall within 2020 for those who are aging out of age categories.

The exact date will be determined shortly. If you are on the roster and will be unable to compete on the new competition date please email and your registration fee will be refunded.

We hope to see you on the platform soon!