Hosting a Contest

The BCPA is looking to sanction as many contests throughout the year as possible.  It is now easier than ever to bid for and host a competition.

Anyone can submit a bid to host a competition.  A sanction application must be submitted 3 months prior to the proposed date. Competitions within British Columbia will not be sanctioned within 14 days of each other and will be prioritized on a first come first served basis. Follow the link to view online the Contest Sanctioning Application.

The BCPA will provide guidance to ensure that consistency and proper standards will be adhered to, so the lifters know what to expect at each and every BCPA competition.

The BCPA Meet Director’s guide will show you everything you need to know about hosting your own BCPA sanctioned event. Its purpose is to assist meet directors in complying with all, or any part thereof of the British Columbia Powerlifting Association, Canadian Powerlifting Union and or International Powerlifting Federations’ rules, regulations, constitutions and by-laws. If you are interested in hosting a competition please take a moment to look through it.

As an added convenience, The BCPA has equipment for rent to the meet directors.  Renting this equipment from the BCPA will be less expensive and delivered to venue. To see the list of equipment and our rental agreement go here.

If you have any question please email BCPA President at [email protected]

Contest Forms:

Athlete-Weigh-in Form (multiple)

Athlete Weigh-In Form (single)

Attempt Cards:

Bench Press Only


Bench Press


Weigh-in Lot Sheets

Lifter’s Scorecards

Equipment Checklist

Manual Score sheet


CPU Competition Safety Precaution

Score table equipment setup instructions