Brian Rock giving the start command.

Interested in becoming a BCPA referee?  Here are few things to consider before taking the referee exam:

  1. Have you ever competed at a BCPA/CPU or IPF competition?
  2. Have you ever volunteered at a BCPA/CPU or IPF competition?
  3. Have you been involved with the BCPA for over a year?
  4. Do you think you would be able to make unbiased judgment calls of a friend or family member that was competing?
  5. Are you able to volunteer your time to officiate at more than one competition a year?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then becoming a referee can be a valuable way for you to contribute to our organization and to the sport.

The BCPA uses a two-tiered referee system.  Becoming a Category II referee is the first stage after passing a written exam.  They are only permitted to referee as a side referee to gain the necessary experience. Being a Category I referee is the next stage and may act as either a head referee or as a side referee.

For more information about becoming a referee, please contact our Officiating Chair Bette Festing ([email protected]) or speak with one of our referees the next time you are at a competition.


Chris Robb (Category I)
Gable Wang (Category I)
Bill You (Category II)
Brian Rock (Category II)


Bette Festing
Pat Kowal
Gabe Festing
Mehar Bhogal
Renae Witzaney

Provincial Category I

Ian Diack
Bob Hindley
Joe Oliveira
Becky Lauridsen
Zack Currie
David Vo
Wesley Chu
Lawrence Berceanu
Kevin Weiss

Provincial Category II

Cody Weeks
Phong Bui
Graham Aarsen
Albert Yamaguchi
Jenna Sabino
Christina Gee
Ryun Laniec
Tyler McPhail
Jennifer Luther Thomas
Jonathan Cruz
Timothy Branch
Kathy Lawrence
Dennis Leong
Kevin Nguyen