Executive Run vs. Club Run Competitions

Did you know that there are types of meets that are held in the BCPA?  There aren’t a lot of differences between a Executive run competition and a Club run competition.

As a member of the BCPA, we want to make your experience at all competitions as seamless as possible. For the most part, you can expect the same equipment and organization of the sessions at every event.

What are the differences?

At a Executive run competition, the Meet Director(s) are a BCPA Executive member.  They will use the resources that are available to them as an association.  They will make announcements on the official BCPA Facebook and Instagram pages.  All proceeds from the competition are put back into the association.

Executive run meets are also an opportunity to meet volunteer requirements if you intend to compete at a Regional or National level competition. You can find volunteer requirements on this page.

At a Club run competition, the Meet Director(s) are members of a BCPA registered club or is a BCPA member.  They would be supplied with all of the necessary equipment from the BCPA to run a competition.  Any announcements made would be posted on that club’s or individual’s social media pages. The BCPA, if asked, would share those announcements on Facebook and Instagram.  All proceeds from the competition are kept by the BCPA registered club or individual.

So, if you are interested in competing at an upcoming meet, check to see if it is a Executive run competition or Club run competition to make sure you are contacting the correct people for any inquiries that you may have relating to the meet.  The Meet Director(s) contact information will always be listed on the BCPA website.