CPU Coaching Certification and Coaching Facilitators

Coaching Program

The CPU offers a Coaching Certification that is available to both CPU members and non-CPU members. The CPU Coaching Certification will provide fitness instructors, cross-fit instructors, athletes and coaches with knowledge about the sport of powerlifting, including rules about the sport of powerlifting and how to recognize technical errors in all three lifts (squat, bench press and deadlift) and learn to correct errors using varying coaching techniques.

The purpose of the CPU Coaching Certification is to educate coaches and instructors in three primary areas:

1. Fundamental techniques for the 3 lifts of powerlifting

2. Safe and effective training environments

3. a) Ethical guidelines and competition support (Coaches)

    b) Framework for utilizing the 3 lifts for group training (instructors) 

Currently, the CPU does not require coaches and handlers to be certified at any regional or national event. This may change in the future. 

For more information about the coaching course, see http://powerlifting.ca/coach_info.html

To sign up for a coaching course from a facilitator, see http://powerlifting.ca/coach_cert.html


BC requires local course conductors / facilitators to certify coaches as part of the CPU coaching program. Currently, we are the only province without a facilitator.

In order to be an eligible candidate to become a course conductor, the following criteria must be met:

– Have a minimum of 5 years coaching experience in Powerlifting within the CPU;

– Have coached/developed athletes that have competed at the world championship level;

– Have excellent communication, presentation and listening skills;

– Have previous adult education experience; 

– Be a respected member of the CPU powerlifting community

– Have had all potential conflicts of interest reviewed with the coaching committee

An eligible candidate must be willing to host and organize multiple 2-day seminars yearly to certify coaches as detailed here (http://powerlifting.ca/coach_info.html), as well as attend competitions to evaluate coaches on their ability. Each potential coach pays a fixed cost of $395 CAD to become certified. 25% goes to the CPU, 25% goes to the course material creator, and 50% goes to the facilitator. The BCPA makes no profit off of this program, and was not able to provide this course in a non-profit manner.

If you are interested in becoming a course facilitator, and meet the aforementioned criteria, please provide all the required information and a résumé to Mark Giffin ([email protected]), Ryan Fowler ([email protected]) and Michael Souster ([email protected]). They will review your application and select candidates at their discretion. The CPU requests the involvement of the provinces in identifying future facilitators. However, the training and selection of workshop facilitators shall remain the responsibility of the CPU.