Qualifying Standards

Changes to Qualifying Standards in 2022

Several changes have been made to Provincial, Regional, and National qualifying standards in 2022. Please read this section carefully if you are aiming to compete at one of these levels. For all other competitions at the local level there are no qualifying standards aside from what is required in the IPF Technical Rulebook and our association’s bylaws.

Provincial Championship Qualifying Standards

BCPA members wishing to compete in the 2022 BC Provincial Championships must have competed at a BCPA Provincials previously, or have posted a total in an IPF-sanctioned competition, including BCPA and CPU competitions, since BC Men’s Provincials on June 22, 2019.

Provincial Championship Qualifying Standards for 2023

The BC provincial qualifying totals are equivalent to the CPU Regional qualifying totals. Click here to view the CPU Regional qualifying totals. Athletes may compete in weight classes other than the one in which they obtained the qualifying total, and athletes who obtain the equipped qualifying total will automatically also qualify to compete unequipped.

Qualifying totals must be obtained in the 24 months prior to 2023 BC Provincial Championships. Qualifying totals can be obtained in an IPF-sanctioned competition including BCPA and CPU competitions.

Regional and National Championship Qualifying Standards

Regional and National Championships are administered by the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU). There are three Regional Championships held by the CPU each year. BC athletes must compete in the Western Regional Championships, which also includes athletes from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Both CPU and BCPA have requirements for athletes to compete at a CPU Regional or National Championship. The CPU maintains national qualifying standards and regional qualifying standards. Please ensure you meet these standards before registering for Regional or National Championships.

In addition to the CPU requirements, there are BCPA requirements to compete at a CPU Regional or National Championship as defined in our bylaws. In order to be eligible to compete at a CPU Regional Championships or CPU National Championships, BCPA members must:

  • Fulfill any CPU requirements;
  • Obtain the relevant CPU qualifying standard at a sanctioned IPF member federation competition consisting of 5 or more lifters;
  • Compete at any CPU Provincial Championships within the 24 months preceding a CPU Regional Championships, if the member has not previously competed at a CPU Regional or higher event;
  • If they have competed at a CPU Regional or higher event previously:
    • Compete at or volunteer at their Provincial Championships within the 12 months preceding the CPU Regional or higher event that they wish to compete in. For clarity, each member must compete at or volunteer at the Provincial Championships they would be eligible to compete in themselves within the 12 months preceding the CPU Regional or higher event such member wishes to compete in. The minimum obligation of volunteer time shall be determined by the Board of Directors;
    • Acted as a meet director for a sanctioned powerlifting or bench press competition within the province of BC during the previous (12) months, or;
    • Assisted in one (1) BCPA executive run meet as an official or other volunteer role as assigned by the meet director between the previous year’s National Championships and upcoming National Championships.