The BCPA is a volunteer run organization.  Due to the incredible growth of the sport and in our membership, there is a need for more competitions and therefore an increasing demand on our referees.  Becoming a referee is a great way that you as a member, can contribute to our organization and to the sport.

The BCPA is always looking for interested members who have the potential to become excellent referees and who will be committed for the long term.  As a referee, your role is essential in the running of a competition by providing expertise and unbiased judgment of our athletes both on and off the platform.

The BCPA uses a two-tiered referee system.  Becoming a Category II referee is the first stage after passing a written exam.  They are only permitted to referee as a side referee to gain the necessary experience. Being a Category I referee is the next stage and may act as either a head referee or as a side referee.

For more information about becoming a referee, please contact our Officiating Chair Bette Festing ( or speak with one of our referees the next time you are at a competition.


Chris Robb (Category I)
Bill You (Category II)


Bette Festing
Pat Kowal
Brian Rock

Provincial Category I

Justin Gray
Kim Dennis
Ian Diack
Bob Hindley
Joe Oliveira
Ryun Laniec
Becky Lauridsen
Mehar Bhogal
Zack Currie
Gabe Festing

Provincial Category II

Noorita Biring
Cody Weeks
Phong Bui
Sean Hayes
David Vo
Graham Aarsen
Bryan Wong
Wesley Chu
Albert Yamaguchi
Douglas Bjorkman
Lawrence Berceanu
Josh Simpson
Jenna Sabino
Sarah Weijand
Christina Gee