Patricia Kowal

Over the last 34 years Pat has been a beacon for powerlifting. Pat left the world of
bodybuilding and was looking for her next challenge. Her gym was hosting a
powerlifting event and she volunteered to help at the scoring table. Being that
close to the energy of a powerlifting event hooked Pat for life. Except for Bill
Jamison himself, I have not seen anyone more passionate about our sport.

Since 1990 Pat has been giving to the sport of powerlifting. There is not much that
Pat has not done in this sport. I have seen countless BCPA and CPU members
come up to her and thank her for her encouragement, support and inspiration.
Pat wants to see the sport and each individual lifter grow and succeed. If you hear
someone cheering on a fellow lifter, it is most likely Pat.

Pat has a long list of achievements as both a lifter and a volunteer. Pat started
lifting at the local level, worked her way up to Provincial, National and has
represented Canada on the World stage including winning Gold as a Master lifter.
Pat’s commitment to the sport of powerlifting has earned her numerous
Provincial and National records over the years. She currently holds all 4 of the
National Master 3 Equipped 63 kg Class records. On the volunteer side of things
Pat has been a meet director many times, including hosting the National
Championships in 1995 and 1998. Pat served many years as the BC records chair
and was the first female President of the BCPA and is a huge supporter of the
women leading our sport today. She has coached a team of Special Olympic
athletes, nurtured relationships to bring people into and return to the sport. Pat’s
involvement in powerlifting is too long to list.

Many of today’s lifters know Pat because of her work handling other lifters in the
warm-up area or sitting up front in one of the referee chairs. Pat’s time as a
referee started in 1993 at the provincial level and 1998 nationally. As many of us
have seen, Pat has years of putting in long days so we can enjoy our sport. On a
personal note, Pat has been a resource, supporter and mentor in my journey to
become a referee.

In Pat’s almost 35 years in the sport she has repeatedly done what needed to be
done so that others could compete. Pat is still volunteering, still refereeing and
still competing. Pat’s dedication and love for the sport is as strong as ever. Besides
her family there is nothing Pat loves or gives more to. I can not think of a more
deserving recipient of the Craig English Award.

Nominated by Tyler McPhail and awarded at the 2024 BCPA Provincial Championships.