Video Submission for CPU Westerns

If you are a new athlete who wishes their first competition to be Westerns 2021, you are required to submit the following video/photos, using the Google Form (link in bio):⁠

  • a video of you performing each lift according to the IPF rules and following the respective commands. The lift should be a bona fide attempt at 70-80% of your predicted one-rep max for each lift; and ⁠
  • a photo of all the IPF approved equipment that you intend to wear at Westerns.⁠

This will be reviewed by a BCPA Category 1 or higher referee to determine your eligibility to compete at the 2021 Westerns. Athletes will be contacted should there be any issue with their submitted videos or photos.⁠

You are also required to attend a virtual competition clinic (details to come).⁠

This form will close on August 29th, 2021.⁠

Read the IPF Technical Rulebook

Check the IPF Approved Equipment list

Submit your videos and photos here