Qualifying Standards

Attention Masters Lifters: Please note that qualifying totals for Nationals and Regionals have reverted to 2018 numbers.

How to Qualify for the Provincial Championships:

In order for you to eligible to compete at this year’s championships you must first achieve a qualifying TOTAL from an IPF sanctioned competition 24 months before the date of the Provincial Championships.


Required Totals to lift at BC Provincials, Classic and Equipped, Powerlifting Competition.

Required Bench Press to lift at BC Provincials, Classic and Equipped, Bench Only Competition.

How to Qualify for the Regional and Nationals Championships:

In order to be eligible to compete at a CPU Regional Championships or CPU National Championships, in addition to any CPU requirements, BCPA members must obtain the relevant CPU qualifying total at a sanctioned IPF member federation competition consisting of 5 or more lifters, and must compete at BC Provincial Championships within 2 years preceding a Regional Championships if the member has not competed at a Regional or higher event. If they have competed at a CPU Regional or higher event previously, they must compete at or volunteer at their Provincial Championships within the 12 months preceding the CPU Regional or higher event that they wish to compete in. In extenuating circumstances, members may apply in writing to the Board of Directors at least fourteen days prior to the date of that member’s Provincial Championships for an exemption to the requirement to attend at Provincials, either as a volunteer or competitor, with supporting documents, and the Board of Directors may grant or withhold such an exemption in its sole discretion. This BCPA bylaw will be strictly enforced.



National and Regional standards are defined by the CPU. Click here to see National and Regional standards.

Points to Remember

  1. You must have qualified within the previous 24 months from the date of the intended Provincial, Regional or National Championships.
  2. If you have competed at a CPU National Championship before you must compete or volunteer at the Provincial Championships in order to qualify for the National Championships. If for any reason you cannot compete or volunteer at the Provincial Championships, then you must apply to the BCPA Executive Board for an exemption at least 14 days before the Provincial Championships.
  3. If you have NOT competed at a CPU National Championships before you must first compete at a Provincial and Regional competition.
  4. A lifter who achieves a Provincial, Regional or National qualifying standard is then eligible to compete at any chosen weight class at the Provincial, Regional or National Championships.
  5. All age categories begin on January 1 of the year the lifter reaches the minimum age limit. For example, a lifter become a Master 1 on January 1 of the year they turn 40. Similarly, a Junior ceases to be a Junior on Dec 31 of the year they turn 23.
  6. A lifter can qualify for a higher level competition in their next age category within the 12 month period before meeting the minimum age requirement for the class they will compete in, but cannot claim awards in that category at that qualifying competition. For example, a lifter who turns 40 next year can qualify for next years Master Nationals at any time during THIS year, but would only win “Open” awards at that competition.
  7. If a lifter achieves the qualifying total for Equipped nationals, they are automatically qualified for Classic (unequipped) nationals.
  8. Bench-Only qualifying lifts can come from other Bench-Only competitions or from the Bench Press portion of a regular Powerlifting competition.
  9. For Parapowerlifters not considering competing Internationally the Classic weight classes and qualifying standards apply.
  10. For Parapowerlifters wanting to go to International events check the Minimum Qualification Standards and weight classes.