Apparel From Other Countries’ Team Kits

From the CPU Technical Committee:

It was brought to our attention that at regional and national events, we may have lifters wanting to wear a singlet or t-shirt that they had traded with another lifter from a different country. The item itself may be an approved item, but it is part of another country’s team kit and would bear that nation’s logo or emblem. A team kit is created specifically for a country’s team and is not an item that can be purchased from the manufacturer.

The CPU’s policies on apparel says, “Only approved apparel can be worn (i.e. items on the IPF Approved List, items on the CPU approved logos list, or Member Province apparel) at all CPU National or Regional level Championships.” Athletes competing at Nationals and Regionals are representing their province and as such should only be wearing member province apparel, if they are not wearing an item that is on the IPF Approved List or an item on the CPU approved logos list. Obviously, if the lifter is wearing Team Canada apparel, that would not be an issue.

At a provincial level competition, we have decided that wearing an item from another nation’s team kit will be allowed, as long as it does not contradict that lifter’s provincial policies or bylaws.

From the BCPA Officiating Chair:

Currently, the BCPA bylaws has restrictions on the type of t-shirt that can be worn at a BCPA competition. As such, a team t-shirt from another nation will not be allowed at BCPA competitions.  However, there are no restrictions in the bylaws about singlets, so if an athlete does want to wear a team singlet from another country and it meets the IPF specifications, it will be allowed at BCPA competitions.